Lakeshore Community Services

Hope is the Catalyst of Recovery

Recovery is Real

At LCS, we believe that recovery is real, and people can and do overcome the internal and external challenges facing them with mental illness. Hope is the catalyst of the recovery process. We provide support that allows hope to flourish, helping individuals establish life goals and find their own unique paths in which to achieve those goals. Programs at LCS support independence, autonomy, and the ability to build on personal strengths.

Our approach to recovery is person-driven – self-determination and self-direction are the foundations of recovery. We provide support through a multitude of services to empower individuals to gain or regain control over their lives.

We know that recovery occurs via many pathways. Everyone is unique with distinct needs, strengths, cultures, and backgrounds – including life traumas. We believe in four guiding principles when approaching mental health and recovery: health, home, purpose, and community.

What We Provide

  • Blended Case Management
    Blended Case Managers ensure continuity of care by providing service coordination, which includes assisting consumers with treatment planning, developing a system of supports, accessing appropriate mental health and medical services, and linking consumers to community services.
  • Mobile Medication Monitoring
    Medication Monitors work with individuals in developing knowledge of their medication. This includes medication routine, and how to communicate side effects and symptoms to the appropriate prescriber. Staff provide coaching in medication organization and effectively communicating with their physicians and pharmacy.
  • Housing Support
    Staff work with individuals in their homes and in the community to provide coaching and assistance in daily living skills, money and household management, interpersonal skills, and relationships. They also work to establish a system of natural supports in the community.