Lakeshore Community Services

Meet Maurice

Maurice loves to smile, and he enjoys having a structured routine. He is charming and has a great sense of humor. Maurice is a foodie and loves to eat. He also loves to socialize, shop, and dress up for holidays. Maurice has profound disabilities; he is blind and deaf. Before joining the LCS family, he struggled and would get frustrated when people could not understand him. The LCS team mission was to understand Maurice and find ways to reach Maurice so he could express himself and be heard. The LCS team started with simple signs to help Maurice communicate his needs. This led to Maurice being calmer and less frustrated. The team remains diligent and disciplined in listening to Maurice and communicating with him, allowing Maurice to blossom and become as independent as possible.

Maurice loves movement — rocking, swinging, and walking. While he cannot hear music he can “feel it” in the egg chair. The egg chair is a sensory “surround sound” chair that is like a cocoon. The chair not only helps Maurice feel secure in his environment, but is equipped with speakers, which allows Maurice to feel the vibrations of the music. Maurice loves reclining in his egg chair and listening to music — mostly hip-hop or pop, and anything with a heavy baseline. He loves the vibration and loves to clap to the beat. This is just one way the LCS team works to hear and understand the individuals we serve so that they can enjoy the best life every day.

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