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Meet Lonny

If you walk down the street with Lonny, chances are a lot of people will say, “Hello!” His nickname on the street is Buddha. Lonny is a wonderful friend and has friends everywhere. He is also a wonderful and lively storyteller. Lonny has a great smile. He loves parties; in fact, Lonny has never missed a Lakeshore party! Lonny has mild intellectual disabilities but through behavioral redirection and support Lonny has achieved many of his personal goals. Lonny also suffers a severe seizure disorder and has been hospitalized multiple times. The LCS team has been able to help Lonny manage his seizure disorders and realize a higher quality of life.

One of Lonny’s favorite movies is Bad Boys. He has memorized many of the lines from it. Lonny enjoys Hip Hop and R&B and loves to sing out loud. Lonny is an artist and loves to cook. One of his favorite forms of painting is paint pouring (click here to see more).

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