Lakeshore Community Services

Meet Dan

Dan is our 6’4”, 350-pound gentle giant, known for his loving smile and friendly personality. He can be a little shy until you get to know him. Dan is very vocal and tries to be as independent as possible.

His favorite movie is Thomas the Train. His go-to song is Who Let the Dogs Out. He enjoys jumping on the trampoline, swimming at the YMCA with his Dad, and going to the Erie Zoo. Dan loves football — throwing and catching. Regularly, he puts together 250 -piece puzzles, and he always crushes it.

Dan is very vocal and tries to be as independent as possible. He does not verbalize but communicates through gestures and sounds. In the past, the feeling of not being heard or understood is something Dan struggled with often. He would become angry, and occasionally, physically aggressive. The LCS team created a picture task board that allowed Dan to communicate his needs while giving him structure and boundaries. Our team works closely with Dan, and his communication is improving. Today, he can verbalize his needs and wants much better. The picture task board enables Dan to understand what is happening each day and what he needs to do – take a shower, brush his teeth, eat breakfast, go for a ride, etc. It gives structure to his day and helps him cope with space and time. Dan’s family is pleased with his improvement.

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