Lakeshore Community Services

Meet Craig

Craig likes to help people. He shows a lot of concern to friends and family, and he is very protective. He is very social and loves interacting with the LCS team. He enjoys making funny facial expressions and entertaining.

Craig loves to relax in his recliner and kick back with a good television show. He enjoys being active, going shopping, walking, and going for rides. He takes great pride in his appearance, and he always looks forward to the LCS events like the Halloween and Christmas parties.

Craig has severe intellectual disabilities. He can speak a few words but mainly communicates through gestures and vocalizations. Craig often became agitated when he wasn’t understood. When he came to LCS, he struggled with patience. LCS had to find the right team members to work with him, to keep him active, and listen and respond to his gestures, so he felt heard. Today, Craig loves to engage in conversation, and he has made excellent strides toward being more patient with others. He can tell you what he likes and doesn’t like with his unique communication.

At LCS, all team members share a core belief that we can elevate each resident’s function and life skills. And, consistency is always best.

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