Lakeshore Community Services

Meet Colleen

Colleen loves hugs and cuddles and is known for being sweet. She doesn’t smile often, but when she does, the room fills up with sunshine. She is very close to her mother and looks forward to spending time with her. Colleen loves going out to eat, especially Olive Garden. She loves having her hair done and manicures and pedicures, of course.

Colleen is not into movies or TV shows, but she enjoys Top 40 music. Her favorite female singers are Celine Dion and Adele. She enjoys sensory activities like blocks, bean bags, and water textures.

Colleen is Autistic and suffers from depression and anxiety. When she is frustrated, she will self-harm. The LCS team has been able to help Collen overcome this harmful behavior by recognizing her need to be alone and focusing on independent projects. She does not like overstimulation or too much activity. Too much structure agitates her; she wants to go slow. By adjusting her schedule to her personal preferences, she can sparkle and shine. By reducing activity, Colleen’s personality has flourished. Today, she enjoys life more.

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