Lakeshore Community Services

Meet Chris

Chris is easy-going, polite, and has a good sense of humor. He is a delight to spend time with, and he’s curious about people and the world around him. He cares deeply for his family and those who are active in his life.

His favorite movie is Lord of the Rings. He loves country music and the big stereo speakers in his room. Chris loves walking on the beach, riding his bike, and working on computers and electronics. He is always up for a game of Uno, and he enjoys reading the paper.

Chris struggles with sensory overload. He enjoys loud music but does not like loud noises or loud people talking around him. Group gatherings can be overwhelming for Chris; however, he has made tremendous progress. The LSC team created a controlled environment for Chris, where he felt safe. From there, the team was able to build his level of tolerance through behavioral exercises. Today, he can better cope with natural environments. The LCS team will continue to push Chris’s boundaries to increase his threshold for noise and different activities to help him experience more of the world in a calmer manner.

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